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Cobra Kai Secretly Tells Us Who Tory Will Train Under in Season 6

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Tory has left the Cobra Kai dojo in the aftermath of Terry Silver’s treachery, and Cobra Kai season 5 has already revealed who Tory’s next sensei should be during Cobra Kai season 6, featuring the Sekai Tekai.

Cobra Kai season 5 confirmed an old fan idea about Tory, and also established that neither Daniel nor Johnny are the best replacement sensei for the now-former Cobra Kai pupil. Tory has finally left the Cobra Kai dojo after three seasons as a student while also completing a redemption arc. Terry Silver’s cunning manipulation caused Tory to understand that the Cobra Kai dojo did not hold all of the answers she sought in life, prompting her to seek out a new sensei in Cobra Kai season 6.

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By the end of Cobra Kai season 5, the majority of the show’s key characters have joined Daniel and Johnny’s still-unnamed dojo. Chozen, who is also a member of “Miyagi-Do-Fang-Karate,” would be the perfect sensei for Tory in Cobra Kai season 6. Many people predicted that Chozen would become Tory’s sensei before the fifth season of Cobra Kai. There was an obvious similarity between Chozen and Tory – both of whom were villains but never beyond salvation – and Cobra Kai season 5 demonstrated that those two characters really share a lot. Chozen’s key instruction to Sam in season 5 was to know what you’re fighting for, which is something Tory’s tale requires now that she’s left Cobra Kai.

Chozen Training Tory Has Already Been Hinted At In Cobra Kai Season 5

Chozen had a brief but crucial meeting with Tory at the start of Cobra Kai season 5, when he is invading Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai dojo as one of the Valley’s top sensei. Chozen, who had not been briefed on all of Silver’s students and their connection with Daniel LaRusso’s family, recognized something peculiar about Tory’s karate technique immediately away. Chozen could feel the fury and even grief underlying Tory’s fists, and in only a few minutes, he was able to help Tory properly redirect that emotion. Tory is already one of Cobra Kai’s strongest fighters, but her brief encounter with Chozen shown that she might grow even stronger with the correct coaching.

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Why would Chozen be preferable to Johnny or Daniel for Tory?

Tory had already studied under Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai season 2, and while Johnny’s Eagle-Fang teachings differ from what he originally taught at the Cobra Kai dojo, striking first and having the strongest offensive are concepts Tory is already familiar with. As a sensei, Johnny Lawrence exemplifies why the concept of striking first should not be applied to everything, but there isn’t much more he can teach Tory in terms of karate. Tory’s fighting technique may benefit from Daniel LaRusso’s ultimate defense, but Daniel’s karate philosophy just does not fit Tory as a persona. Chozen, on the other hand, can teach Tory Miyagi-distinct Do’s defense while also refining her already exceptional offensive.

Now that Tory has revealed the truth about the All Valley to Sam and is no longer a member of Cobra Kai, it’s tough to predict what Tory will fight for in Cobra Kai season 6. Tory may not have that answer, which is why Chozen would be the perfect sensei for her. Chozen has previously assisted Sam in finding her true path, which resulted in LaRusso’s victory in the Sekai Taikai qualifications, and he may now do the same for Tory. Having said that, Chozen now works alongside Daniel and Johnny, thus Torry will most likely gain something from all three sensei.

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