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Fans Are Lying About Cobra Kai Season 6 Announcement

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Fans have been eagerly waiting the announcement of Cobra Kai Season 6. So much, that some are creating fabricated stories about Ralph Macchio officially announcing the final season.

Cobra Kai’s Ralph Macchio Podcast Interview

Cobra Kai’s Ralph Macchio gives us some clues on how soon we should be expecting a season 6 announcement. Although this title has been one of Netflix’s most popular shows, we are still in the dark, as they announce renewals for shows like Monster: A Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and The Watcher.

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Across the web, fans are swiftly taking an interview snippet from Ralph Macchio and claiming that he officially announced that there has been a renewal. However, this is absolutely not true. We are still waiting on the official announcement from Netflix. Below, you will see the interview snippet.

“Yeah, we, truthfully, we have not been picked up for season six yet, which we think should happen very soon. But keep watching, you know, keep those numbers going.”

This snippet was Ralph making an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. Ralph’s exact words were, “very soon.” Leave it to the internet to find a way to take this and run with it. Sadly, more like running with scissors. Leaving fans with false hopes for their favorite Netflix series to be in early stages of development.

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The actor, who portrays Daniel LaRusso on the program, stated that the spinoff has not yet been formally renewed and urged fans to continue watching for the sake of audience figures. However, in the remark above, Macchio expresses confidence that Cobra Kai will continue. We might be only days, or weeks from an official announcement for Cobra Kai Season 6.

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Quickly, In these Cobra Kai related YouTube videos, we discuss how Tory could possibly be trained by a new sensei. Additionally, we talk about how Jacob Bertrand, (Hawk Actor) reveals his interesting, bizarre idea for a series finale!

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What We Can Expect From Cobra Kai Season 6

During Cobra Kai season 5, we have seen some interesting team ups. All of the romantic couplings end happily. Some friendships left in the unknown. In the case of feuds such as Miguel vs Robby or Samantha versus Tory, the once feuding characters either make up or even become friends. That may imply that we are nearing a final season. We can expect Cobra Kai Season 6 to wrap up any loose ends and finish off the show with a grand celebration. Maybe even a wedding and birth of a new baby. Stay tuned on Raiya Now and stay in the loop!

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