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Miguel’s Father Will Seek Answers in Cobra Kai Season 6

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During season 5 of Netflix’s hit series, Cobra Kai we finally got to see Miguel’s father. Just after 2 episodes, fans wonder if this is the last we will see of Hector. Some clues within the season give us hope that there will be more to Hector soon.

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Cobra Kai’s 5 Seasons of Foreshadowing

First, from the start of the Cobra Kai series, we have been fed little hints that we would run into Miguels father sometime within the series. After 5 seasons of build up, we finally met Hector and found out that he is a dangerous person. Just like Carmen warned. However, after all that build up, fans feel like his appearance wasn’t long lived. Not as long as it should have been at least. For foreshadowing like that, we were expecting to see Hector for most of Cobra Kai season 5, but he wasn’t even a main focal point.

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For a tv show with great writers, it’s not too farfetched to say that they just wanted to tease us a little. Introduce Miguel’s father in one season, then make him a focal point in the future. This way we wouldn’t have to waste any time finding out what he is all about.

Let’s think about it. Honestly, many of us feel like we haven’t received the closure we needed, let alone Miguel. We are all eagerly waiting to see the full extent of how evil Hector truly is.

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How Miguel’s Father May Re-Appear in Cobra Kai Season 6

Within the series, we see many of the students with contact details on their backpacks. It was obvious when Miguel first arrived to Mexico to search for Hector, that we was concerned about staying with his backpack at all costs. We seen this in the first episode when a group of scammers tried to steal it from him. He was more than willing to give them money to have it returned. Later on, Miguel is seen leaving his backpack on the bed as he has a phone conversation with his mother. Soon after leaving with Hector to his underground fighting event.

Miguel leaves his backpack at Hector’s house and doesn’t return for it after being picked up by Johny. It’s safe to say that during the first episode of season 6, we will see Hector return to his home after hiding out. We may also see his discover the contact information of Miguel, notice his last name, and start to connect the dots.

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