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Power Rangers Star Teases His Return After Nearly 25 Years

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Power Rangers’ 30th year anniversary is right around the corner. Hasbro is delivering to fans an additional reunion special to celebrate. This special will feature some of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. However, after seeing a post from Blake Foster, we may see at least one more returning character…

The Power Rangers 30th Year Reunion Special

The brand’s recent season, Diny Fury is releasing its 3rd season in 2023 with a title change to Cosmic Fury. This new season will keep its same cast, but feature them taking their adventures into space. Along with this new season, Hasbro announced a reunion special to celebrate the 30 years the show has been airing. This reunion special will feature a mix of characters from the first three seasons of Mighty Morphin’. The images released show us that the characters also travel into space just like the Cosmic Fury season. Could this mean the reunion special will feature the Cosmic Fury cast?

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As seen in the image above, there is an additional character casted to return with the original Power Rangers. Actress, Charlie Kersh has officially been announced as “Min”, Trini’s daughter in the Power Rangers universe. Following the tragic news about Jason David Frank, we will most likely see this reunion special honor his legacy in some way.

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Blake Foster From Power Rangers Turbo

Blake Anthony Foster, known for his iconic role in Power Rangers as Justin Stewart, has been away from the series for more than two decades. Since then, Blake has been a part of ‘Ranger Nation’ in a great way. Continuing to travel just to meet his fans and collaborating with other cast members. Foster has continued in his martial arts, and has also even fought a co-star in an MMA bout last year, 2021.

Blake Foster Teases Return to Power Rangers

Many fans around the world have always wanted Blake to return to his role as the Turbo Blue Ranger. This could have taken place a few times with excellence during the last 20 years. However, Saban, Disney, nor Hasbro has yet taken the opportunity to give fans the ultimate cameo of adult Justin Stewart.

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Yesterday, Blake Anthony Foster took to his Facebook fan page to publish a post talking about his exit from the show. Within this post, he mentions how he would have loved to go to space. Reading this has a few fans speculation that Blake could be included in the upcoming special as a dynamic cameo. It would make perfect sense for Adam to reconnect with Justin and ask for his help.

What do you think about Justin returning to the show after nearly 25 years from his exit? Connect with us and let us know!

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  1. […] Luckily, Hasbro understands the importance of the original team, Mighty Morphin. This original season paved the way for all seasons that followed its success. Last year, 2022, Hasbro and E One announced that alongside their 30th season of Power Rangers, Cosmic Fury, they would also give the fans a special treat. The company announced a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 30th anniversary special. This extended episode will act as a reunion special of a collection of original cast returning. Incredibly, some that haven’t been on the show in over 25 years. […]


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