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They Are Lying About Jason David Frank’s Death

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News released yesterday, November 20th 2022, that we have lost the legend, Jason David Frank. However, the cause has yet to be confirmed. Many news outlets are releasing false information, as well as information that has NOT been confirmed about JDF’s passing…

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The Legendary Power Ranger Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank, who portrayed the Green Ranger and then the White Ranger on the iconic children’s television show “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” in the 1990s, died on Saturday. He was 49. His manager, Justine Hunt, announced his death on Sunday.

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Jason’s played a key role in the Power Ranger’s franchise. Starting out, he joined the children’s tv hit as the evil green ranger. Later on, joined the teenagers with attitude to defend Angel Grove. Frank eventually led the team as the white ranger before switching colors in Power Ranger’s Zeo.

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Aside from the Power Rangers movies, Jason David Frank was featured in Turbo series before leaving the show to focus on other areas of his career. You can’t keep a legend away for too long. The martial artist rejoined the television series as the black ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, where he played a mentorship role to the new cast.

Jason David Frank’s Cause of Death

Jason David Frank’s cause of death is rumored to be that of Suicide. However, nothing has been confirmed by his family. News outlets continue to run with this narrative. We won’t know for sure until Frank’s family is ready to open about the events.

In the YouTube video below, it explains how many YouTube channels, news outlets, and entertainment personalities are creating videos about Jason’s last words. Fans eager to listen to their hero’s voice one last time, or listen to his final words are tuning in just to see old clips posted to his Instagram story. There are multiple videos claiming to be his last message while he is wearing a completely different outfit. Obviously showing us these are different days, some maybe even weeks or months before the tragic event.

Will The Legend of the White Dragon Film Still Be Released?

The Legend of the White Dragon was Jason David Frank’s pride and joy. He has created his own Power Ranger-like universe, featuring actors that many fans would recognize. This film was set for release in 2023. However, many fans are concerned that with Frank’s passing, it may be canceled. If we are still able to see The Legend of the White Dragon, ranger fans around the world need to make sure it’s everything their hero would have wanted.

Rest in peace to our hero Jason David Frank.


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