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Confidential Informant Mel Gibson’s Exciting Police Thriller Fails to Reach Its Potential

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Confidential Informant, now available on Blu-ray, boasts a star-studded cast including Dominic Purcell, Kate Bosworth, and Mel Gibson. The film follows the story of a cop battling cancer who decides to die while on duty so his family can receive benefits. However, what could have been an intriguing police thriller and examination of corruption and morals falls short and becomes a messy movie that overstays its runtime.

Mel Gibson’s Exciting Police Thriller Fails to Reach Its Potential

Despite the presence of recognizable names on the poster, the film primarily focuses on an alcoholic police officer played by Nick Stahl. Purcell only appears in the first half of the movie and Gibson has about 10 minutes of screen time, mostly filmed in the same police station location. While Gibson’s limited appearance may remind viewers of Bruce Willis’ straight-to-video performances, he delivers an entertaining performance with a thick New York accent that adds some fun to the film.

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Although some of the performances are commendable and the noir-style framing is well-executed, the rest of the movie fails to come together. The weak script does little with the potentially compelling story and fails to maintain intrigue as the plot progresses. The editing is poor, with disjointed scenes, making the already confusing plot difficult to follow. Additionally, the sound mixing is subpar, with extremely loud music and muffled dialogue. Overall, the film wastes its solid premise and talented cast.

The special features on the Blu-ray include the trailer and a commentary track with the director, composer, and director of photography. While these extras provide some insight into the making of the film, they do not add much value to an already disappointing movie.

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In conclusion, it is difficult to recommend Confidential Informant. While fans of Mel Gibson and Dominic Purcell may find enjoyment in their performances, the film fails to live up to its potential and is ultimately unsatisfying. The inclusion of special features on the Blu-ray does not make up for the weak core offering. There are better ways to spend an hour-and-a-half and more compelling police thrillers to explore.

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