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Review of Tommy Wiseau’s Biggest Disaster: The Big Shark

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In this article, the author discusses their experience watching the film Big Shark, directed by Tommy Wiseau. The author begins by stating that they have seen their fair share of bad movies as a film critic, but Big Shark surpasses them all as the worst movie they have ever seen. They express their shock and disbelief at the poor quality of the film.

Biggest Disaster: The Big Shark

The author highlights several flaws in the movie, starting with the sound mixing. They criticize the uneven audio levels and the inconsistent applause in the opening scene. They also comment on the terrible editing, pointing out shots that start or end abruptly, leaving the dialogue incomplete.

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Moving on to the acting, the author compares the performances in Big Shark to pornography, stating that even the worst actors in that genre would seem Oscar-worthy in comparison. They note that while Tommy Wiseau’s acting was expectedly bad, the entire cast seems to be competing to act worse than each other.

The author then criticizes the writing, describing the dialogue as hilariously horrendous and comparing it to a movie written by an AI from 1999. They mention redundant scenes, tonal shifts, and illogical character motivations. They also highlight the lack of narrative structure and the random order in which scenes were filmed.

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The author questions why three firefighters are tasked with saving New Orleans from a giant shark and points out the lack of explanation for the absence of the military or police. They express frustration with Wiseau’s poor filmmaking choices and suggest that he may be an alien pretending to be human due to the sheer awfulness of the movie.

Despite these criticisms, the author acknowledges that Big Shark can be entertaining in its unintentional humor. They mention moments that are so bad they’re funny and advise watching the film with friends to enhance the experience.

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In conclusion, the author describes Big Shark as an atrocity with poor lighting, questionable CGI, and a lack of mise en scene. They state that while the film may be aware of its badness, it still possesses the charm that made Wiseau’s previous film, The Room, a cult classic.

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