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An Explosive Reveal Is Set Up in The Marvels with the Latest Avengers Twist in the MCU

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In Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, the introduction of the Harvest could lead to significant changes in the relationship between Nick Fury and Carol Danvers in the upcoming film The Marvels. The Harvest consists of DNA from various Avengers and Thanos, allowing Gravik and G’iah to transform into powerful Super Skrulls. This revelation could create a rift between Fury and the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel, resulting in intense interactions between them.

The Marvels with the Latest Avengers Twist in the MCU

Secret Invasion, despite its controversial finale, featured major revelations that will shape the MCU’s Phase 5 and beyond. Samuel L. Jackson reprised his role as Nick Fury in the series, which serves as his first solo project in the MCU. His appearance in Secret Invasion will inform his character’s motivations and intentions in The Marvels, where he will star alongside Kamala Khan, Monica Rambeau, and Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.

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The Marvels will bring Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, and Iman Vellani together, as they tackle the threat posed by Zawe Ashton’s Dar-Benn. The trailers for the film have hinted at a friendly relationship between Fury and Danvers, building on their friendship established in Captain Marvel. However, a significant revelation in Secret Invasion could drastically impact their dynamic, potentially resulting in a more intense conflict between Nick Fury and Captain Marvel.

In Secret Invasion’s fifth episode, titled “Harvest,” the titular Harvest is introduced. It is revealed to be a vial of DNA collected from the battlefield after the final battle against Thanos and his army in Avengers: Endgame. The Harvest contains DNA samples from several MCU characters, including members of Thanos’ Black Order and prominent Avengers like Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Captain Marvel. This Harvest allows Gravik and G’iah to enhance themselves into Super Skrulls, imbued with the combined abilities of notable characters. The existence of the Harvest could come to Danvers’ attention, leading to tense interactions with Fury.

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The Marvels takes place after the events of Secret Invasion, meaning the mystery surrounding the Harvest has already been uncovered. Emilia Clarke’s G’iah, now equipped with new powers, becomes a new hero in the film. The presence of the Harvest could create a situation where Danvers becomes aware of its existence, potentially fueling conflict between her and Fury. Secret Invasion reveals that Fury collected DNA samples without the consent of those involved, which may create a divide between him and the Avengers, particularly Captain Marvel, as heroes are protective of their genetic material falling into the wrong hands.

While Secret Invasion does not explicitly establish a direct connection to The Marvels, Samuel L. Jackson has stated that the series needs to happen for The Marvels to occur. The Harvest could serve as a significant plot tie between the two projects. In The Marvels, Captain Marvel could discover the existence of the Harvest, linking the film to Secret Invasion and potentially impacting her relationship with Nick Fury.

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The Marvels is set to release on November 11, 2022.

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