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Surprising Response from Disney Animators to Controversial AI-Created Anime

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Disney animators Tom and Tony Bancroft recently reacted to a controversial AI-generated anime video called Rock, Paper, Scissors. The video, created by Corridor Digital using AI programs like Stable Diffusion, has caused a lot of controversy for its use of questionable techniques. However, the Bancroft brothers, who have worked on several Disney projects, had an unexpectedly positive reaction to the video.

Disney Animators to Controversial AI-Created Anime

The Rock, Paper, Scissors video was created by training an AI model using live-action footage of actors in front of a green screen, with the anime art style being trained using Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust as a reference. The end result is visually impressive, although not perfect, as the shadows in the video look like they’re underwater. The Disney animators were amazed by the video, despite the controversy surrounding its creation.

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One of the main criticisms of the video is that the AI model essentially copies the anime art style without consulting or giving credit to the original artists. Many animators have expressed concern that AI could steal their personal styles and potentially eliminate the need for human animators. However, the Bancroft brothers do not seem concerned about this and believe that AI-generated animation is unlikely to replace traditional methods of production in the near future.

Overall, the Rock, Paper, Scissors anime video has sparked a lot of discussion and debate about the use of AI in art and animation. While some are impressed by the visually stunning results, others have ethical concerns about the way the AI model replicates art styles without permission or acknowledgment. As AI-generated art continues to gain popularity online, these discussions and debates are likely to continue as well.

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