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10 Things That Really Happened in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

If you recently watched Netflix’s latest true crime series Monster about Jeffrey Dahmer, you’ll understand that by the end of the series, we have very little information as to what really happened and what didn’t. In today’s video, we’ll fill you in on the 10 facts that really happened in Monster about Jeffrey Dahmer.

First, the meat sandwich. Remember when Dahmer was about to be evicted from his apartment and he made the sandwich to bring over to Glenda? That actually happened. However, Glenda wasn’t his actual neighbor in real life; only in the show. In real life, she lived in a building across from the apartment and started noticing weird behavior and kept calling the cops.

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Second, Glenda calling the police over and over again and warning them about Jeffrey Dahmer’s activities. Yes, this is true. She was calling the police over and over again and following up, especially with Conorak. However, she was living away and she was reporting on what she’d seen as mysterious behavior of people walking into the house, coming out, and not even leaving.

Third, the two police officers that let Conorak go back to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. These two police officers were in fact at the scene. However, Glenda was not. It was her daughters that informed her of the underage child and her reaching out and calling the cops. But they did in fact let him go.

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Fourth, the roadkill. When Jeffrey Dahmer was a little kid, him and his father Lionel did actually go in and collect roadkill and dissect at their own home. This is true. A lot of people say that this is what kind of made Jeffrey kind of go a little crazy and start experimenting on humans, but some are saying it was a variety of reasons. We will never know.

Fifth, the high school photo bombing. Remember when Jeffrey walked into a high school yearbook photo and stood behind people as the picture was taken, but then was later crossed out with black ink when they printed the books? That actually happened. Jeffrey Dahmer was a prankster in high school. They did not cover this in Monster or My Friend Dahmer.

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Sixth, Joyce’s suicide attempt. On the scene where we see her unplug the gas in her home and try to commit suicide, this did actually happen. Joyce was found face down in her home before taken to the hospital and treated.

Seventh, all of the victims in Monster about Jeffrey Dahmer. Yes, every victim that is portrayed by these actors on the show were indeed Jeffrey Dahmer’s actual victims in real life. However, the stories we see in the actual Netflix show have been altered.

Eighth, Jeffrey Dahmer being baptized. In the show, we see Jeffrey have a heart to heart with God as he’s baptized in becoming a new man, at the same time another serial killer was being executed. This indeed happened in real life.

Ninth, Jeffrey Dahmer being murdered in prison. Yes, this is another true one. He was murdered by his fellow inmate Christopher Scarver. According to an archived news clipping from the Associated Press, Scarver claimed that God told him to do it. That episode was insane because you expect after he gets baptized that good things start to happen to him, but in the show we see Christopher say that God is eventual God and that he sent him to get his revenge on all of the victims that Jeffrey preyed on.

Tenth, Lionel refusing to have Jeffrey Dahmer’s brain tested to see what was the cause of his behavior. This did happen. Lionel refused Joyce trying to have Jeffrey’s brain tested. So, we see in the show are actual events of a court case that took place to ultimately decide whether or not the testing was going to take place, and we find out that it didn’t. So, we will never know exactly why Jeffrey Dahmer was the way he was, but we do know that these 10 facts actually did happen, not only in the show but in real life.

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