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3 CRAZY Outer Banks Season 3 Theories and Predictions

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Outer Banks Season 3 is only days away, releasing on Netflix on February 23rd! Here are 3 theories and predictions shared by you guys in the comments, as well as one circling the web that is absolutely crazy…

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  1. I think big John will betray the Pogues and John b because he was the one holding the statue with the glowing eyes and someone who looked just like him cut the elevator wire causing jj and John b to fall

  2. I just wanna say I was scrolling across YouTube for some obx theories and found your channel and I instantly fell in love all your theories they are so good and I love your views on everything keep up the amazing videos I'm a huge cobra kai fan as well so I'm looking forward to some cobra kai related content/s6

  3. I got a theory might be a stretch but I think big John wants to find the gold with John b but he's gonna want to only share it with his son sorta like ward and Rafe/ so at the end of season 3 John b will have to choose between his father or his friends leaving us on a cliffhanger.


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