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Austin St. John’s Video Message For Jason David Frank BROKE ME…

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Austin St. John released a video message for Jason David Frank and his family wishing his rest. His message meant so much, and in this stream, we explain why.

News released yesterday, November 20th 2022, that we have lost the legend, Jason David Frank. However, the cause has yet to be confirmed.

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  1. I’m really sorry, I can’t make it today to both the streams so if you could make a post about the subscriber award thingys that would be great. Have a great day and stream

  2. As a kid. Couldn’t care less about the blue ranger in turbo. You cant look up to someone younger than you who makes mistakes you wouldn’t make.

  3. Its weird but as a kid and PR was brand new…I never liked Austin St John for some odd reason. Maybe i didnt like him being thr authoritive one with the (its morphn time). I wanted to be tougher than him for some reason and was doing Taekwondo. JDF def had talent and saw it with his 360 kicks. I never knew they had some beef.

  4. I look at some scenes of Power Rangers in the beginning even though they're good actors I could see some tension between ASJ and JDF.

  5. I think a lot of us either didn't know or knew enough about the beef that details were hidden. As characters Jason and Tommy, the closest thing to a beef was during the Turbo movie. They hid this really well. I never knew the details of why Jason, Zack and Trini left the show, until now. I wish Austin and JDF had a chance to patch things up.

  6. Power rangers in space then, power rangers light speed, then power rangers spd were my all time favorite after mighty morphing also, turbo, it’s probably to many for me


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