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Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler Has Inspired Impound Comics Creator

Brent Trayce Sands is a talented and imaginative storyteller, inspired by Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler, with a passion for creating captivating stories.

He has a vivid imagination and a unique perspective on the world, which he has used to craft compelling narratives in various forms. However, when it came to realizing his dream of writing a novel or making a movie, he realized that he didn’t have the financial resources required to fund such ventures. Faced with this challenge, Brent decided to pivot and explore alternative avenues to showcase his talent.

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Brent’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he recognized the potential in the comic book industry. He had a strong connection to his hometown of Sacramento and saw an opportunity to create a comic book series based in the city. With his passion for storytelling and his entrepreneurial drive, Brent set out to bring his vision to life.

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