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Cobra Kai fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of season 6 since the finale of season 5. After months of anticipation, the show’s creator has now broken the news that the series may be delayed for another two years. This has left fans feeling disappointed and uncertain about the future of their favorite show.

The creator has revealed that the delay is due to the production of a new Karate Kid movie that is set to be released in 2024. This means that the production of Cobra Kai season 6 will have to wait until after the movie is released. This is to ensure that there is no conflict between the two releases.

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Although the new movie will not be directed or included within the Cobra Kai universe, it is still causing a delay in the production of the show. Fans are now worried that they may have to wait until 2025 to see the next season of their beloved show.

The creator has also revealed that they are currently working on a new show for Sony and Netflix, which they are hoping will blow people’s minds. It is unclear if this will be related to Cobra Kai or if it is a standalone project.

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Although the news of the delay has been met with disappointment, fans are still hopeful that they will get to see more of their favorite show in the future. It is clear that the creators are still dedicated to the show and are working hard to ensure that it is as successful as possible.

In the meantime, fans can keep up to date with the latest news, videos and theories on the show. They can also look forward to the new Karate Kid movie, which is sure to be a hit.

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Cobra Kai is one of the most popular shows on television and has a large and dedicated fan base. While the news of the delay is disappointing, fans can take comfort in the fact that the creators are still working hard to bring them more of their favorite show.

It is clear that the delay is out of the creators’ control and they are doing their best to ensure that the show is as successful as possible. Fans can look forward to more news on the show in the coming months and hopefully the wait for season 6 won’t be too long.

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  1. DELAYED ? Cobra Kai filmed while Covid-19… anyway Johnny will get Sids (Johnny's StepDad) inheritance after all his mom was legally married to Sid and Sid has no children of his own, so Carmen's dream will come true for sure, Kresse and Kim will become partners she related more to Kresse then with Silver, Silver will get out jail someway and try to regain control of Cobra Kai, Chozen will get a visit from Kumiko (while in the hospital) and he will declare his love for her. I truly love this series.

  2. Given that Season 6 is maybe (probably) the last season of the show, this may work out in the creators' favor, for this will allow them more than enough time to hash out a great conclusion/send-off for the series that would appease them, the cast and crew, and the fans.
    As for the 2024 "Karate Kid" film-
    I admit, I am on the fence about this announcement, for I do not think it is necessary given how much ground was covered in both film franchise and series.
    Since Sony has given the greenlight on the project, the one story that I feel is worth covering is Mr. Miyagi's life prior to the first "Karate Kid."
    It should be called "MIYAGI" (or "YOUNG MIYAGI" with "A Karate Kid Story" as the secondary title).
    The story should take place post-World War II (late 1940s-early 1950s).
    Miyagi is honourably discharged for his service in the armed forces but is still fresh off the recent death of his wife and unborn son.
    Due to still frigid discrimination towards Japanese-Americans, Miyagi is living on a barren property in Los Angeles.
    Miyagi takes up a maintenance job due to being unable to climb society's ladder and spends his free time grieving, getting drunk, getting in fights, and throughout the film, goes back-and-forth reflecting (is haunted, really) on Miyagi's past, with many flashbacks to his adolescence in Okinawa that includes his friendship with Sato dissolving over Yukie.
    The story would also touch base on when Miyagi met his wife while working as a farmer in Hawaii and their subsequent move to Los Angeles before America entered the war.
    The war period would cover Miyagi's burgeoning friendship with Julie Pierce's grandfather, Jack, who will be vital in helping Miyagi get back on his feet (sort of like what Terry Silver did for John Kreese, without the nefarious s***).
    I also envision a "Gran Torino"-like scenario, where a young man attempts to steal Miyagi's 1941 Chevy Truck (the one he and his late wife bought together).
    The young man is Japanese-American and is being initiated into the Tokyo Boyz (1942-1996).
    Miyagi finds purpose in helping the troubled youth and staving off the gang. Miyagi then sets out refurbishing his property into the beautiful garden we see in the films/TV show.
    The ending should take place in 1952, when The Immigration and Nationality Act is passed, allowing Asian Americans to become American citizens.
    Jack Pierce would sponsor his dear friend at The Oath of Allegiance, which fittingly takes place on November 02, 1952, the day his wife and unborn son passed.
    After the celebrations, the final scene would have Miyagi alone at his now- lovely property, singing the Japanese song of sadness and toasting his late loved ones, with a bittersweet smile through the tears (whilst trimming a bonsai tree) knowing that he must carry on with life (think the swing scene in "Ikiru" (1952)


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