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Cobra Kai Secretly Tells Us Who Tory Will Train Under in Season 6

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Tory has left the Cobra Kai dojo in the aftermath of Terry Silver’s treachery, and Cobra Kai season 5 has already revealed who Tory’s next sensei should be during Cobra Kai season 6, featuring the Sekai Tekai.

Cobra Kai season 5 confirmed an old fan idea about Tory, and also established that neither Daniel nor Johnny are the best replacement sensei for the now-former Cobra Kai pupil. Tory has finally left the Cobra Kai dojo after three seasons as a student while also completing a redemption arc. Terry Silver’s cunning manipulation caused Tory to understand that the Cobra Kai dojo did not hold all of the answers she sought in life, prompting her to seek out a new sensei in Cobra Kai season 6.


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  1. RAIYA POP: Yeah Tory training under Chozen would be great 😊. You know what also would be great too is if they brought back Mike Barns and she wound up training under him instead and bonded given how similar they are


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