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Crazy Cobra Kai Season 5 Theories | Demetri Accidentally Killed

Write an article based on this youtube script Today we are kicking off the countdown to kurbakai cobra kai season 5 drops in the next three days this friday and it’s going to be the best season they’ve ever put out cobra kai is on the rise and our team here at miyagi doe and others who

Have left miyagido will have to come together to defeat them now with this season 5 plot we have a ton of theories that have been floating around the web and a ton of theories that i have personally now me personally i’m good at coming up with these theories that actually happen i

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I’m pretty on point when it comes to a lot of these however this one’s a little bit up in the air one of my main theories of cobra kai season 5 revolves around the idea of dimitri dying by the hands of cobra kai specifically not on purpose on accident

I believe they get into a brawl maybe mid-season maybe right before the season finale and dimitri accidentally dies now yes it is an action comedy however we are not shy to near-death experiences similar to miguel falling from the balcony during season two’s finale and also stingray’s near-death experience during

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Season four finale when uh terry silver beat him to a pulp to frame crease now chris is in jail we’re very excited to see how that plays out however it being an action comedy and super bright super comedic we still have dark moments and we need a reason for robbie and miguel

To set aside their differences and the reason will not be sam they’re not going to be fighting over sam anymore i i if they’re still fighting over him in the season it’s just bad riding we won’t see that i i guarantee that but there will be another feud

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There will be more feuding between the two maybe stemming from everything that they’ve been through and you know definitely um the idea of of of johnny dating miguel’s mom i’m not sure how robbie would feel about that and i i really don’t think that them going

To mexico to save miguel which i’m very interested to see what happens there i doubt that that will be the reason for miguel to trust robbie and kind of be his friend they will be feuding up until the season finale of the season and i believe because

We see a lot of these photos that have been released now if you pay attention this was in one of the cobra kai groups on facebook the all the images that you see robbie and miguel and the other you know hawk and the other characters training together at miyagi dough outside in the

In the backyard or wherever it is you don’t see dimitri but when they are training they look like they are training for a purpose they look like they are focused and determined the looks on their face is much bigger than a tournament now that’s a bit hard to explain you’ll have

To see the the imagers will put them up here they look like they want vengeance they look like they want justice now the the absence of dimitri is just really it it you know throws up some red flags here because that would be a perfect reason for them

To set aside all of their differences come together train hard as a team to go take down cobra kai once and for all and another one of our theories another one another one of my theories is tori that will be the final straw for her her probably um well probably not because

They need more you know faces on cobra kai but tori will switch sides last minute yeah i envision it like this the tournament is about to start they announce tori as cobra kai but then she walks out either you know she walks out taking off her

Cobra kai um ghee and walking over to miyagido’s side something like that that’s just another theory i had but i’m i would put money on the fact that dimitri something bad happens to him if he doesn’t die maybe hospitalization i think that’s a little bit beaten

I feel that’s been done too much so i really feel like they have to take it up a notch and i think this would be it however i would be devastated i will be actually really sad if this happens but let me know what you guys think

In the comments let me know and we’re gonna find out in three days now so cobra kaya season five it’s gonna be a blast they’re already working on season six um before it’s been renewed they’ve already filmed uh scenes for season six and they have much bigger plans

For the entire franchise so we’re going to be covering all of that so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing we will see you guys next time peace

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