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Dahmer Season 2 | What We Should Expect…

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Following the massive success of DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix has ordered two additional installments of the record-breaking anthology series from Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. In this video we go over what we should expect from Dahmer Season 2!


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  1. I don’t think we need more Jeffery Dhamner, it’s unnecessary and boring. I do think making this an anthology was the right decision.

  2. I feel like they shouldnt make s2 and s3.. yes they arent about jeff but think about the victims families, theyre already going through so much since it was put out.

  3. Some female serial killers I know of is Aileen Wuornos; killed a total of 7 men during her spree, her life and crimes are one of the most culturally significant of all famous female serial killers. While her victim count is not the highest out of per say someone like Dahmer she might be the most famous female killer due to the sheer amount of books, documentaries and films covering the tragic story. 
    Belle Gunnes aka nicknamed "hell's belle" victims 14 to estimated of 40 people. She lured wealthy men on her farm in La Porte promising marriage before killing them. There was also the deaths of children and for what I researched two husbands..she had a mysterious disappearance after burning her house down her body was never discovered nor the remains established.

  4. Jeffrey dahmer story was already told and Evan peters is not returning. The second season will focus on a diffrent monster played by a diffrent actor and there other serial killers to choose from like others have mentioned Richard Ramirez, John Wanye gacy and even Ted bundy.
    I think Leonard Lake and Charles Ng could work next if you don't know who they are look them up.


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