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Don’t Let Jacob Bertrand Write Cobra Kai Season 6 Finale…

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Jacob Bertrand, who portrays Hawk on Cobra Kai, shares his absolutely crazy idea for how the popular Netflix series should end.

Cobra Kai star Jacob Bertrand has an idea for how the Netflix series should end — and it’s totally unexpected. In the role of Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, Bertrand has had one of the leading roles in the popular Karate Kid continuation. Though the character had a somewhat smaller presence in the most recent installment of the series, Hawk still exhibited a lot of emotional growth and proved crucial to scoring victory in the busy finale that pitted the protagonists against Terry Silver.


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  1. Shawn was in juvie during season 4 with Kenny mentioning he got another month when Robby asked about him. I don't think Shawn has been mentioned since but I'd like to see him come back as well.

  2. Maybe not get killed but maybe one of the characters will get really hurt during the tournament plus I read They're going to be making a spin-off with the young adults eventually


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