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Leonardo DiCaprio is Dating Someone How Young!?

Amadi looks into the madness behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s new rumored lady friend…

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  1. 19, she an adult. Why people hating? These modern American women think THINK they big girls, want $$$$$$$ cars houses. And they can’t put out cuz they young & they want millions of dollars? GET THE FUK OUTTA HERE!
    She definitely gonna walk bowl legged she comes my way. People are gonna hate anyways.

  2. We currently live in a world OBSESSED with the “love is love” mantra. And obsessed with telling us that if someone else’s relationship doesn’t effect us, then we have no business telling anyone else how to live their lives. AND YET.., you people think it’s acceptable to criticise this couple, for doing something that is perfectly legal and, historically, incredibly common. THINK people! This is “cognitive dissonance” at its worst.

  3. She is old enough to make her own decision her didn't put a gun to her head to date him stop worrying about others peoples problems and business is yours problems I have seen older women date younger guy !


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