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Netflix Sticking to Their Binge Model Despite Weekly Episode Release Rumors

If you’ve been following this Channel or many other movie and television news channels and websites you would have realized a few months ago there is a huge rumor that Netflix is abandoning their binge model and will be releasing episodes of their popular series week by week like these other streaming services

Do however this has been debunked exclusively by Netflix how’s it going Ryan Nation my name is Marty gray we have a quick update for you guys before I go ahead and grab that subscribe button like this video comment if you were the one like myself and others who

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Believed Netflix was going to abandon their binge model and we would have to wait week by week to receive new episodes or favorite shows yes Netflix just went out to say about a few days ago that they are sticking to their binge model they’re not going to be

Switching over to week by week this has been confirmed by Netflix themself within their Q3 shareholder letter so this is great news if you’re subscribed streaming services like HBO or Amazon Prime watching Lord of the Rings or House of dragon you will have to wait week by week to receive your favorite

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Shows however with Netflix for now and for this foreseeable future they will be sticking with their binge model so we can sit down in one or two sittings and watch our favorite show from start to finish my name is amadi gray that’s your quick update for today we’ll be

Back with another video for tomorrow so make sure to subscribe for more peace

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