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New Harry Potter Series [Ravenclaw] on HBO Max

Within the eight films of Harry Potter that were released we have had highlight of Gryffindor the house of Gryffindor the house of Hufflepuff the House of Slytherin but very little highlight of the House of Ravenclaw and this brings me to an exciting idea of an HBO Max series Harry Potter

Ravenclaw think about it I just want you to sit there and close your eyes and imagine and this is what I thought they were gonna do because they had an event it was a Harry Potter reunion about uh what it was last last Christmas right and they had all their casts returned

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They were announcing stuff they were having a lot of fun and I thought personally they were going to announce this specific project but they did not because once you hear it you’re going to be like this makes sense I really want to see it because I would watch it man so

We’re gonna dive into it my name is Marty gray welcome back to ride Papa we give you the latest news and videos on your favorite television shows and movies so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing today we’re going to be talking about my original idea for a

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Harry Potter series yes a a series that you will be able to watch on a streaming service this is my pitch no I’m not trying to protect it if someone wants to steal this idea go ahead we have our ideas that we’re protecting that we’re

Producing on our own here at Raya so I’m never going to be talking to you guys about that stuff but for this Harry Potter idea someone needs to take this someone needs to do something with this idea uh if it’s good you guys can let me

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Know if you guys don’t like the idea let me know in the comments if you guys do let’s talk about it I might be streaming just to discuss the ins and outs of the idea so you guys can help me kind of make it better uh so on and so forth so

Harry Potter close your eyes real quick Harry Potter Ravenclaw I want you to just imagine the logo just imagine the intro of you know it coming up you know how they do in the beginning of the movies uh so what is this movie about what is Ravenclaw about Ravenclaw is going to

Take place probably directly after the events of Harry Potter directly after uh and we’re not going to we’re not going to see our original cast returning this uh series will feature a brand new cast we will have a small handful of cameos I’m thinking maybe one major Cameo from

You know one of our our main um protagonists you know Harry Ron or Hermione maybe one of them returning but then maybe a handful of smaller cameos I’m talking about characters like Neville um and and others I I would really like to see Neville return he was one of my

Favorites uh he had such a really cool character development he became so badass by the end of the the series The Series so that’ll be cool but a small handful of smaller cameos just to uh I feel like production needs that you know if you if you bring on a show I’ll take

Cobra Kai for an example I’m sure you guys have seen or heard of Cobra Kai by now yes they introduced new cast right new stories but they had a handful of cameos and old characters returning and that’s what made it really shine because the people who have watched The Karate

Kid a long time ago were able to enjoy this because they have they’re familiar with their their favorite characters and then have the time to connect with their new characters and now the the property the the IP behind it is that much more powerful this is exactly what they would

Do with this Harry Potter series Ravenclaw Ravenclaw would highlight the Ravenclaw house yes Hogwarts it would be returning we would have majority of the show filmed at Hogwarts it would be a bit more modern uh kind of like new age Wizardry or however you want to describe it I’m talking like terminology verbiage

Etc etc so similar again similar to you know what they did with with Cobra Kai you know it’s way more relatable uh and opposed to it being filmed you know 10 15 years ago you know just the verbias used back then you know different terms uh slang etc etc would

Be slightly different I I’m thinking Ravenclaw this show would cater more towards you know this new generation uh depending on the audience that they want to go with but yes it will be slightly dark and now let’s talk about my favorite my favorite scene in Harry Potter my favorite action scene if you

Want to call it that Harry Potter 5 what the Order of the Phoenix yeah that’s it the last 15 minutes of that movie you guys I was just so mesmerized and that is my favorite film because of the last 15 minutes no more so the last last 25 30 minutes

From the time that the group uh entered in that dark um that dark facility and they started you know battling it out with with the Slytherin and in the dark uh what was the dark force called um I don’t even I don’t even know the name

See I’m not even a huge like all right so there’s fans of Harry Potter that know everyone’s names they know all of the the wands names like what they do they know the Spells name that’s not me I I’m a fan I I really like the the

Project in the series but I’m not too educated on the ins and outs of the lore of of everything what goes into it but I still have this crazy good idea so the the plot so um yes let’s talk about the action so the action you would see

In HBO Max’s Ravenclaw would be that of Harry Potter five the Order of the Phoenix is that the yeah that’s the movie right yeah the Order of the Phoenix if I’m wrong let me know in the comments um but yeah I’m sure you know that that action scene was probably one of the

Best in the entire in the entire series beating beating out um even movies seven and eight easily even the last fight scene like easily number fives just when Dumbledore comes out and Voldemort is just exercising all of his magical abilities like that was that was bomb so that’s what’s that’s what Ravenclaw

The show would be about every action scene would be like that we would see way more way more magic we would see way more Wizardry uh we would see way more spells utilized I feel like in Harry Potter they’re using like the same five spells over and over again

Don’t tell me that I’m wrong because I’m not I just binged everything last year um so yeah we would see kind of expanding the creativity behind the world of Wizardry uh and different spells you know different tactics that people use uh Ravenclaw would highlight a new enemy um

Bring on some cameos and it would be kind of like a like a mystery kind of like an investigative type of uh movie you would have your set of main characters a really cool fight and battle battle um sequences it would have to be top-notch they would have to have a really large

Budget going into this I want to see some money going into this because Harry Potter they have the money Warner Bros come on that would be that would be a banger you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be and we would finally get to see Ravenclaw highlighted we would have main

Characters in Ravenclaw you don’t we didn’t have any main characters that we know by name that are prominent in the Harry Potter Universe um in the Harry Potter uh wait was Luna Ravenclaw no she was no I think she was the girl with the white hair so I take that back she was

She was pretty important but um we we really want like a highlight the entire house give them time like Gryffindor would kind of take a back seat yeah they are the popular house but they wouldn’t be I’d say Gryffindor would be more so like the the Hufflepuff in in this show Ravenclaw

Uh but yeah those are my thoughts there’s not not really a big plot maybe we can talk about that on a stream I think that would be fun so if you guys want to be a part of that conversation go ahead and subscribe uh and on the community tab we’ll announce the time

That we’re going to be streaming and then we can all talk about this maybe uh solidify this idea make it way better than what it is now because right now it’s pretty much just an idea um but I see it in my head I see how it could be really cool so definitely

Subscribe we’re going to be doing some more fun videos like this one and giving you guys news and updates on your favorite shows and movies coming out today we have a website in the works it will be launching next week uh it’s just another place where you guys can keep in

The loop of all of your favorite shows movies we have a podcast launching we have a lot of content coming out for you guys so make sure to subscribe follow us on social media and my name is Marty gray like always and we’ll be back next time peace

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