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Original Power Rangers Cast Returning for 30th Year Finale

why not make more of it so good burger two is in the works and I’m definitely excited for it so that’s it for this news session uh make sure to subscribe if you’re not already subscribed and uh I’ll see you guys in the next one thanks for tuning in

It’s time to get excited, 90s kids! The original cast of the beloved show Power Rangers Mighty Morphin is returning for the 30th year finale. After two decades, fans will be able to see David Yost (Billy Cranston) and Walter Jones (Zach Taylor) back on screen as Power Rangers. Hasbro has released a picture of Alpha 5, the robot, and it looks like he’s gotten a bit of a makeover.

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Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to the hit movie Avatar, is set to be released soon with a run time of three hours and 10 minutes. This will make it one of the longest theatrical films, trailing only Titanic’s theatrical cut. So, make sure to use the restroom before watching!

Good Burger 2 is also in the works, thanks to a leak from Kel Mitchell. This movie is a sequel to the original film from a few years ago, but it looks like it will be more of an open demographic kind of show, like the superhero movies of today. It will be interesting to see what the movie has in store, and fans can expect it to come out sometime next year.

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It’s an exciting time to be a fan of television and movies. With the return of Power Rangers and the upcoming releases of Avatar and Good Burger 2, there’s something for everyone. So make sure to subscribe to Riot Pop to stay up to date on all the latest news and videos.

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