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Super Mario Bros Movie Potentially Recasting Chris Pratt

Fans of the upcoming movie The Super Mario Brothers are not enjoying Chris Pratt’s impersonation of Mario. After the trailer was released four days ago, many fans are calling for the actor to be recast.

Though some fans are not a fan of Pratt’s portrayal of Mario, many are still excited for the film. After seeing the trailer, many were blown away and are looking forward to the movie. Pratt’s voice is seen as a refreshing take on the character and could add more relatability and emotion to the character.

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Though some may not like Chris Pratt’s voice, many are still looking forward to the movie. After the success of Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, fans are hopeful that The Super Mario Brothers will be a success.

Though some fans are calling for Pratt to be recast, it is still uncertain what will happen. It all depends on the fans and if the majority of them do not like it, the studio may have to make changes. However, many fans are still looking forward to the movie and are excited to see what Chris Pratt will bring to the role.

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Though the two lines that Pratt has delivered in the trailer may not have been the best, fans should wait until the next trailer is released to make their judgement. Chris Pratt is a great actor and could be perfectly suited to play the character. Until then, fans should remain patient and look forward to the movie.

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  1. Maybe it is bad since fan are Searching worldwide for the best Mario . Mario fans are jealous of the French dub for the Super Mario Bros .Fan are Threatening to Watch the Movie in French with sub.

  2. Mario did originally had a Brooklyn accent, the creator of Mario said that Mario bros canonically are from Brooklyn, like American Italian, this is Nintendos part, you can slightly hear the Brooklyn accent on the last line of Mario, there's still more trailers to come, it will be fine, some people are not just getting it mainly because zoomers don't really know who Mario really was since Mario bros are really old and had voices in cartoon shows as the Brooklyn guys

  3. Yet they picked Bob Haskins, God Rest his Soul, in the live action movie who was British pull off the best Bronx accent he could and he sold it. Now it's Chris Pratt and he is done, wow. This is crazy but hey look what happened to Sonic with the backlash to become very successful with the change. However that voice actor pulled it off.

  4. Imagine voicing a character since 1996 and making the character's voice iconic, then when they finally do a movie, they hire a mediocre voice actor because he's a big hollywood name. They literally made that choice, not because he's a good fit, but because they expect it to sell tickets. But that's a pretty warped perspective. When people SEE Mario they expect his VOICE to match. I also think it's a complete insult to Charles Martinet, when he is the official voice for Mario for Nintendo. It's the same shit with Sonic, when the character looked nothing like Sonic, yet they went back to the drawing board and made the change to make it closer to the source material, which should be a given when transitioning from games to the big screen. A lot of companies need to learn to take some risks and stop this endless cycle of mediocre for the sake of money.. They should definitely recast him imo.

  5. …I'm starting to think this is a new trend now. Maybe Pratt purposely was chosen to sound like a terrible mario the way sonic looked ugly before the redone cgi work. (Hint hint she hulk cgi rework too). I feel like this is a new marketing trend where these films come out to purposely get boycotted on to change for buzz and attention.

  6. Dude, they aren't gonna recast this thing. This is not a Sonic 1 situation. Chris Pratt's voice doesn't sound very colorful or especially unique, but it's serviceable. He will probably sound like an average good-hearted hero (maybe with a slight accent). That works for this movie; Mario is an average man who is apparently discovering this crazy fantastic world for the first time. He was also originally form Brooklyn, but you could say he's from the City themed kingdom from Odyssey and it be basically the same thing.

    I don't know what people were expecting when they saw the voice casting, but we must have all figured that we weren't gonna get a high pitched stereotypical Italian accent who say "woohoo!" Ever five seconds. That works perfectly for the games, but not for a 90+ minute movie.

  7. From what we heard of Chris it’s a pretty boring voice and he clearly has no passion to voice Mario.

    We heard a little of toad’s and people really like it cause he actually tried and sounds like how you expect toad to sound not saying mario should sound like the game but the voice shouldn’t just be a boring voice, it should have some enthusiasm Mario is a very enthusiastic person so sorry but no I don’t think chris is prefect for the role in fact he’s probably one of the last people I would’ve went too.

    I will give the guy a chance in the full trailer but if its the same as the teaser then they definitely should re-cast him if he’s going to give such a lifeless performance like in the teaser.


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