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The Nun 2 Filming is Finally Underway For the Sequel to the Hit Conjuring Universe Movie

Attention all horror movie fans we have a good one for you today the nun two filming finally underway on the sequel to the hit Conjuring Universe movie how’s it going right Nation this is a mighty great welcome back to Riot pop we give you the latest news and videos on

Your favorite television shows and movies so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing today we have the nun two the nun two is going to be coming out very soon 2023 valik returns in the nun too from director Michael Chavez The Conjuring

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And the devil made me do it and we’ve learned that filming is underway for this sequel that may be better than the first one producer James Wan shared a behind the scenes photo we’re gonna grab that here for you guys today share it on Instagram over the weekend officially

Announcing the production uh and that it is underway taisa Farmiga will be back as Sister Irene with Bonnie Ahrens again playing the Demonic nun known as valik this nun is very very creepy you guys we’ll see what she has in store for this sequel because obviously the nun is still terrorizing people

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Storm read from Euphoria will be leading the sequels cast now that is very interesting then on two will arrive in theaters on September 8th 2023 for you guys during the the late end of the year we are very look we’re looking forward to this movie a lot

Here’s the here’s the synopsis for the nun 2. a priest is murdered and evil is spreading the sequel to the worldwide Smash Hit the nun follows Sister Irene as she once again comes face to face with her demonic Force valik the demon none you guys back in 2018 nun scared up

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A whomping 365 million at the box office that’s pretty good you know for a horror film uh all but ensuring that we haven’t seen the last of the Demonic nun known as valik I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a third film last we heard akella

Cooper will be writing for the nun too so we can look forward to that and again subscribe to this channel for more movie news we will see you guys next time

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