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The REAL Reason You Didn’t Like Chris Pratt’s Super Mario Bros…

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We explain the real reason you didn’t like Chris Pratt’s Super Mario Bros. Voice of Mario.

Unfortunately, some clips have been removed from this video for using teaser footage from the Super Mario Bros. movie teaser. Although it is completely okay, we’d just rather have no claims on the video. To listen to the full podcast, visit here:

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In the very first teaser of Nintendo and Illumination’s Super Mario Bros., we were introduced to Chris Pratt as Mario. Fans took to the internet to express their feelings towards the two lines delivered by the now voice actor, known for his previous work on Parks and Recreation and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In this clip from Raiya Pop’s stream Faris and Amadi discuss the real reason behind the mass distaste for Chris Pratt as Mario.

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  1. You should practice your cringey thumbnail face for ur vids. It is 100% real and will get you the immediate 9 mill 7 year olds scrolling on their moms iPad 👌👌💀💀😂😂

  2. people don't like it because the voice is terrible. i like chris pratt as an actor but he was not the right casting choice for mario. stop telling people why they really didn't like it. its as simple is the voice is godawful , its that simple. he just wasn't the right casting choice.


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