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The Rings of Power Writing is Bad…

Would you say the first Trilogy of Lord of the Rings was better than Hobbit the first Trilogy Lord of the Rings is still the greatest cinematic Masterpiece yeah ever I stand by that Lord of the Rings extended edition Trilogy better than any movie out in existence let me just talk

Maybe for like a minute on how Frodo was just a terrible like companion I mean was he mostly useless sure yeah sure did he always cause trouble for Sam his secret lover 100 did he have trust and a little Golem dude named Gollum absolutely but did the right

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Thing at the end I mean his finger got bit off and that’s the only reason he did the right thing but it was still the right thing my only thing with Frodo and I remember to this day is when they were fighting that big Orc in the cave place

I think it’s the first movie and he gets stabbed oh with the me throw let me throw armor yeah he’s like oh the most dramatic scene in his face it was just so dramatic and then afterwards they pulled up this it said psych and then give him he’s like

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Me thrill ever since then I was like why is this guy on the team in Frodo’s defense you gotta understand he’s a [ __ ] Hobbit all right all they do in the Shire is smoke long bottom drink ale dance that’s it yeah that’s been his entire existence and now he has these

Creepy ghoulie dudes stabbing him he ain’t never been stabbed before he doesn’t know how to feel how to feel he probably thought he did feel for me before he did the little psych moment so don’t handle my boy Baggins all right yeah but that that’s the reason why I’m

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Already connected to that you know franchise that story as a whole so I would most likely watch uh Lord of the Rings was it rings of power rings of power rings of power you and Siri were not getting along we were trying to look that up earlier ring of

Power said the power ring of power that could be one ring oh there you go that’s a quote from the movie the One Ring really to rule them all come on oh yeah yeah the ring yeah here’s the main thing I keep hearing now I don’t have a real opinion on uh rings

Of power yet because I haven’t seen it my major gripes just from seeing it right off the bat a lot of people a lot of people are gross and you already know are making a huge look they have black dwarves they have black elves this is awful I don’t get about that

Dwarfs black like me like you cast me but here’s the only thing you irritated me the dwarf Queen she’s black that’s fine I don’t give she’s beautiful why is she beautiful though Gimli Gimli said the women dwarves pretty much look exactly the same as men full beards and

Everything he said if a man and a woman were standing next to each other he would not be able to tell the difference did the beer did the queen of the dwarves have a beard no they’re cowards at Amazon all that money but they can’t let a lady have some facial hair Wow

Come on Amazon messed up some people grow it that’s messed up that and I am constantly hearing no real opinion yet that it is like Amazon through their billion plus budget at the greatest production you’ve ever seen and forgot to hire writers and the people say it’s like a glorified CW Show

So you’re saying the show’s not that good that’s what people are saying yeah that the writing itself is bad it looks amazing but it’s not good all that money in bad writing but again that’s that’s hearsay for now a lot of hearsay the majority of hearsay but I haven’t seen

It yet well you guys can let us know

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  1. It's dinner theater on a massive budget. And that's being generous. The acting and writing, are local community theater group level at best.
    I don't see a 10 million dollar production, much less a BILLION. The Amazon investors should file an investigation for embezzlement.


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