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They Are Lying About Jason David Frank’s Death…

News released yesterday, November 20th 2022, that we have lost the legend, Jason David Frank. However, the cause has yet to be confirmed. Many news outlets are releasing false information, as well as information that has NOT been confirmed about JDF’s passing…


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Jason David Frank, who portrayed the Green Ranger and then the White Ranger on the iconic children’s television show “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” in the 1990s, died on Saturday. He was 49. His manager, Justine Hunt, announced his death on Sunday.



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  1. I’m gonna miss this dude so much. Tommy Oliver was my idol and his growth as a character from evil to becoming the leader. He was my favorite. I think I can speak for everyone when I was he will be missed tremendously. We love you JDF ❤. May the power protect you

  2. I never considered myself a power ranger fan even though I religiously watched the first two segment pieces of the TV series. It's unfortunate that it took JDF's death to get me starting to get into the lore and comics. Hearing that he was an advocate of mental health is now giving me a desire to look up what he's said about mental health. The lore is interesting, so far the comics are good. I'm coming around to being a fan. I feel for all of you that have been affected by this.

  3. That doesn't say they were lying you just said what you choose not to believe. There's a big difference between the two I'm talking specifically about how Jason David Frank passed away. Now the other videos about this is what he said 20 minutes before he passed away or jdf's last emotional video and stuff like that that's probably been compiled and edited and I'm leaning toward agreeing with you on that. As far as the manner of how he died what you said doesn't prove that any news outlet was lying. Also they have nothing to gain from lying. They already make their money just by reporting the news whatever it may be so they have nothing to gain from lying.

  4. To Jason:
    I never got to meet you in person, you were going to be on Columbus Ohio in December the first weekend at the comics thingy that i never been and i was finally going to meet you, now your name and character can only exist in my head for the rest of my life….. Thank you for giving me the adult leadership examples that i been able to follow, i am sorry for whatever you were going through may your rest in peace. #RIpWHITERANGER #powerrangers

  5. Having organised UK cons and met JDF multiple times he wasn't the most easy or negotiable person if I'm honest but that's because he was so conscious about putting on a show worthy of his fanbase, and certainly when it was show time he TURNED up like heart and soul TURNED up. Very sad what happened, a huge impact on many lives. But his death was a huge tragedy, he had a lot of personal issues going on, publicly always tried to be an inspiration for all his fans. He'll never be forgotten! He took power rangers from fun/cool to a life time obsession for many.

  6. His daughter killed herself on 11/19/21. JDF should have been on suicide watch the entire day of 11/19/22. Not out arguing with his b*** wife. As far as im concerned she has blood on her hands. Possibly both of theirs.

  7. Wow this video didn't age well it's been revealed by his family it was true its ironic you say wait til his family says something then have the balls to have a click bait headline like that next time take your own advice and wait before you make a video I had a feeling you were going to end up looking like a jackass if I was you I would delete the video it shows you clearly made it for clickbait

  8. THIS IS CLICKBAIT. This guy is finding a way to make it all about himself! Bro we’re all going through it! Tell us what you mean by the title!! Instead of using using it as a means to vent about how Jason David Franks death impacted you! Not cool. Rip Jason David Frank, you gave so much to us all. I wish we all could’ve found a way to give back to you. Maybe you’d still be here.

  9. I felt so bad for Amy Jo Johnson. She was really hit so hard by Jason's death..
    From what I had seen over the first few seasons that MMPR was on, Jason and Amy Jo were so close. I think that all the original ensemble (original Rangers) were very close.
    JDF will be forever missed.

  10. Yes yes yes!!!!! He wouldn't do it it has Hollywood written all over it!!!!!! And look at the photo of him hanging thiers no way he did that. Jason David Frank the man who helped so many people against suicide the man who was about to come up but divorcing his wife and made his own movie literally hung himself as a display over a balcony with balcony???? With only 2 to 3 ft of length of the sheet or kimono b***** after fighting with his wife the whole day word got out that he was by himself in his room he had beef with Hollywood he had beef with fighters he had beef with a lot of people in high places and they didn't want to see him come up and his wife was probably in on it too for a grand check.


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