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Top 5 Outer Banks Season 3 Predictions

Outer Banks Season 3 is just around the corner, releasing on Netflix on February 23rd! Here are 5 Predictions for Outer Banks Season 3. The events unfolding might bring us a few shocking team ups…

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  1. Honestly I think 6 seasons is a huge stretch. I'd think this would be the final one or season 4, as we have seen with shows on Netflix such as 13 reasons why the writing and characters become bad. Not complaining, I'd love this show to never end 😅😅 but I am not sure how much more story they could really form after season 2…

  2. I'm so excited for season 3!! 🌺🌺🌴🌴
    Here are my season 3 predictions:
    1. JJ and Kie will get together (it's pretty obvious they will)
    2. John b will find/reunite with his dad
    3. Ward will die (for real this time) all though this could happen in season 4 if there is one
    4. Pope and Cleo will get together (again pretty obvious)
    5. JJ and Sarah will be siblings or related (idk it just seems odd that they both don't know who their mum's are)
    6. Wheezie will have a bigger role (maybe join the pouges)
    7. Limbrey will somehow be related to John b (idk she's just such an odd character, she must have some other meaning plus why was she with Big John)
    8. Luke will come back to the OBX
    9. Topper will do some heroic thing weather that be saving the pouges or helping them in some other way
    10. There will be a big stand off between Rafe and the pouges (after watching the new trailer I can feel it coming)


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