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Who is The Better Fighter in Cobra Kai Season 5 | Miguel or Robby?

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Miguel Diaz and Robbie Keane are two of the most popular characters in the Cobra Kai series. They have been pitted against each other in three major fights throughout the show’s five-season run. In this article, we’ll be breaking down each of their fights to determine which one of them is the better fighter.

The first fight between Miguel and Robbie was in the season one finale. Despite Robbie having trained for only one year with Daniel LaRusso, he put up a good fight. However, Miguel was able to win the match thanks to some shady tactics he had learned while training with Johnny Lawrence.

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The second fight between them was the famous school fight in season two. It was an intense fight with both of them displaying their martial arts skills. Miguel was about to deliver the finishing blow when he hesitated and showed mercy to Robbie. This gave Robbie the chance to spin around and land some blows on Miguel, ultimately sending him over the railing. Although Robbie won the fight, Miguel was the clear winner since he had him beaten up until he showed mercy.

The third fight between Miguel and Robbie was in season five. Johnny allowed them to fight it out and settle their differences. Miguel was getting the upper hand until he started experiencing flashbacks from the school fight. Despite the temptation to get revenge, Miguel decided to show mercy again. This time, Robbie didn’t take advantage of the situation and Miguel was able to win the fight.

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Based on the data from the three fights, Miguel Diaz is the clear winner and the better fighter. He has won all three of their fights in the series and has proven to be the more skilled martial artist. While Robbie has put up a good fight each time, Miguel has been able to come out on top. Until Robbie can beat Miguel in a future fight, Miguel Diaz is the better fighter in the Cobra Kai series.

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  1. I always thought Miguel had more of an advantage over Robby because of his size. Not to mention that despite not looking like it, Miguel is as ripped as Robby. The style of clothing that Miguel likes prevents us from seeing his body (jackets, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies)

    Robby's moves are more flashy than any fighter on the show except the blonde sensei that worked for Silver. Since Miguel's every move is tactical, his attacks and defenses are more precise. However, he usually ends his fights in a more acrobatic way, as he did with Kyler.

  2. These guys are both very equal and very good warriors. They have their advantages over each other. Both have very good Battle IQ intelligence, both have very good durability and determination to never quit. They’re really both equal on everything for me I give the slightest edge to Miguel because I believe he’s just a smarter fighter than Robby but it’s not by much

  3. Listen, 1. Robby’s shoulder was in terrible pain because of hawk, and if he wasn’t hurt you can make a case he definitely could have won. In fight 2. It was 50/50 and then Miguel got the upper hand and showed mercy. And sure you can say he was the better fighter in the fight, but he didn’t win because the fight is only over when you say it is. And honestly I would count the party fight because they were going toe to toe for a good while, Robby got the better of him there throwing him into the pool. And in the last fight, Robby had the edge until they went upstairs. And if you watch, Robby stopped right away when Johnny said knock it off and Miguel took advantage of him and punched him, then later robby hesitated when Miguel was on the ground because Johnny was saying stop, and Miguel kicked him in the face and led to him winning. Even tho the fight was not over robby was just down. And by your logic, you said that miguel won the school fight, so you would have to give this one at least 50/50. But by my logic robby won the school fight, and miguel edged him in this fight. Anyways you make some great videos keep it up! 👍


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