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Who Wins the Sekai Taikai Tournament in Cobra Kai Season 6

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Write a 500 word article with a strong intro based on this youtube script Who is going to win the sekai takai in Cobra Kai season six that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about in today’s video Welcome Back to Riot pop my name is amadi gray today we have a very interesting question a lot of people if you’re a cobra Kai fan have Just finished season five you know there’s a huge worldwide tournament coming up in the next season called the sekai techai this will feature a lot of different dojos with a lot of different styles and Miyagi dose Eagle Fang has a pass to compete in this tournament so we Can expect to see them combined their dojos officially with a new name a new ghee with a really cool style you know I’m thinking like going for like a maybe a black with like a silver maybe some cool color I know they’re going to change up their color to signify the Unity between their two dojos and styles with um Miyagi doe and Eagle Fang Johnny and Daniel’s students uh we’re gonna see the best of the best fight choreography some really cool story lines some story coming to a close but at the season finale of season six we will have a Winner of this new sekai techai tournament so I would love to hear your guys’s opinions but here are mine for this video we’re going to cover who’s not going to win who might win and then some unexpected uh wins that we might see depending on how the script comes to be So let’s go ahead and get started who’s not going to win this upcoming sekai takai tournament on my notes I have down um in no order we have Anthony on the list yes I know Anthony has picked up Karate you know he’s he’s been training however the reason I say he’s not going To win this upcoming tournament is there’s really no um development as far as his uh martial arts goes you know this is going to be the top of the line martial artist at this world tournament yes I think we will see a cool scene of him competing But I don’t think he’s going to make it near the end this would mean he would have to be depending on how the tournament is structured he would have to be top students at other Dojos which is very unrealistic uh he would have to beat the students at His own Dojo if you know if it’s not like a team based thing I’m not sure if our our students won’t be fighting each other I personally would love to see them fight each other in just an overall winner but if it’s like Dojo versus Dojo then it’s just it becomes super unrealistic Um unless they do some real work like maybe chosen takes him on you know how they do in these fictional shows chosen takes him on you know a mission by himself maybe for an episode or two and really trains him and hones his skills as a martial artist but that’s my take On Anthony as well as Hawk Hawk is not going to win this tournament why he’s already won season Four’s tournament he had his momentum moment to shine you know which was amazing he did such a great job I don’t think they would repeat that when we have a whole roster Of characters that could possibly win this thing so Hawk definitely not gonna win of course we have our supporting characters and Extras like uh Chris Bert and Nathaniel they’re not going to win this tournament um I wouldn’t even put them on the unexpected wins list um and again a few more names that Aren’t going to win this tournament Stingray Kyler and Kenny they’re if they were to join Miyagi dough Eagle Fang or whatever their new name is going to be I don’t see them competing in the tournament at all because of an honor thing you know they competing in this tournament I don’t Think Daniel or Johnny would have any members of Cobra Kai even if they were interested to join you know their Dojo after leaving Cobra Kai to be included within this world tournament representing their Dojo that’s the only reason I I say that now let’s go into The main cast who a lot of people would think would win this tournament for a good reason starting at the top Tory who has been conflicted this entire past season of not truly winning her season 4 Tournament now doing the right thing in season five coming clean you know switching sides Helping them take down Cobra Kai is really allowing her character to evolve and kind of redeem herself uh for this upcoming season now if she were to join this new Dojo there’s a very good chance she will just sit out of the tournament and kind of root them on especially Because Robbie’s still in the dojo and competing in the tournament most likely um if she does compete depending on how the script is written she could be a good Contender to win the the championship officially and actually feel good about it so that’s what I’ll say about that Robbie is another great Contender to win the season six tournament because he has not won a single tournament every match that he’s been in he’s lost he’s lost to Miguel at a tournament he’s lost to Hawk at a tournament he’s never really had a decent win over any of our Characters and if you ask me he’s had a very rough uh go at things in this series and this entire series yes we know Robbie is a really good person at heart he’s just been in the wrong place at the wrong time mixed up with the wrong situations with the wrong people Um and a lot of miscommunication so this would be a really cool win for him and I know it would make Johnny happy so moving down Miguel Miguel could win he’s easily one of the main characters that everyone would love to see win he has one tournament 100s belt season one of Course having to sit out of the the season four tournament or you know choosing not to compete in the season 4 tournament uh we could see him turn it around and come back and win the sekai takai Sam which is another another good option um actually winning her tournament after All of the conflict that she faced within this past season so we have that the four people that are most likely going to win this tournament and then the unexpected uh winner of the tournament for me would be Dimitri we haven’t really seen two too much character development within this past Season they had a lot going on and a lot that they had to tie up but Dimitri definitely advanced in his martial arts skills now we’ve seen that in the season finale of Cobra Kai season five he could easily after some more training in season six some training with chosen would be Pretty badass he could actually turn around and take the whole take the whole tournament you know that’s never um it’s very unexpected but it’s something that we may see uh who knows depending on again on how the script is written now there is uh we will end the Video here there is a 50 chance in my book that there will not be a winner for the tournament when it comes to Miyagi dough Eagle thing why because again uh it’s it’s very realistic and a lot of movies do this recently where the main characters if there’s if there’s Tournaments involved or big competitions involved they won’t have them win and then but there will still be a really cool lesson attached to it or a discovery uh internally that the character has discovered within themselves something that makes them better regardless of taking home a win we could definitely see something like That happen and something else cool that would be amazing is if somehow the dojos are it’s like a dojo versus Dojo type of…

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  1. Eh…I'd say if Miguel has a good shot at winning Hawk does as well. Especially after how dirty they did him in S5. (Maybe they nerfed Hawk in S5 to make him have a huge comeback in the final season)

  2. Robby winning would really be special. He hasnt got any big wins like hawk and Miguel.I wouldnt mind miguel winning since he is the karate kid of cobra kai but im on robbys side for this one

  3. robby will win i just know because season 1&2 is Miguel's season season 3&4 is hawk's season season 5 is Kenny's season so season 6 robby will be a beast and unstoppable

  4. Miguel is my favorite character of the younger cast but I think the one person who truly deserves the win after such a great character arc & development since Zuko & after eveything he went through…..it should be Robby. Heck the Female Champion should be Sam as well. Even though I'll never like the idea of these 2 being together (Ive always hated the idea of them as a couple), these 2 should be the next Male/Female Champions of The Upcoming Seikei-Taikai Tournament. These 2 are the perfect recipients qualified to be the champions of the 2020 Seikei-Taikai & I am rooting for it. Robby truly deserves a win & Sam as well as she was robbed from the 2019 All-Valley Tournament. Robby & Sam are the perfect martial-art duo with the whole Yin/Yang Concept because of their Wheel-Technique Training & them being Daniel & Johnnys kids is a perfect balance…..but that doesnt mean I prefer them together & I never will, lets get that out of the way. As much as I want Miguel to win the championship as redemption for his dishonorable win/fighting dirty in Season 1, I'd save that for a Cobra-Kai Film that ends the whole show/taking place after the show ends & after the Seikei-Taikai in a possible Adult Division Martial-Arts (yeah not just Karate) Olympic Type Tournament/Competition with a possibility of either Tory (a real redemptive win) Or Devon winning the Female Championship. But since we don't really know how The World Karate-Tournament/Seikei-Taikai operates, I'll go with this for now. It is more likely that The Seikei-Taikai will be in S7 instead of 6 imo as it took 3 seasons after Season 1s All-Valley until Season-4. Season-6 will be the first season in a long time in which everything is back to normalcy. I have a alot of theories, predictions, & some interesting ideas in terms of the future of this show if anybody interested ?. What are your thoughts ?.

  5. Everyone hoping that Robby winning because he never won a championship. But They forget Miguel Has never lost an official fight. And If you watched season 4 & 5 Miguel is in his best shape. Everyone acknowledge he's the best.
    And FINALLY it's the last season and it began with Miguel and it will end with Miguel He's the main character.

  6. I hope Robby wins. Miguel won the first All Valley Tournament. Hawk won the second (boys division). It be nice if he won a tournament for a change.

  7. If you dont think Hawk is going to win again then why did he said this to Sam? : " Maybe one day we will both win " after she beat Devon

  8. I think that Robby and Tory will win the tournament. I think that Robby will win for the same reason why this guy did, he has never won a tournament before.

  9. If Robby doesn’t win I’m done with this show because he could’ve defeated Miguel in season 1 but hawk injured him and he lost to hawk bc lack of focus he needs to win


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